Hvem pitcher på Screen Talent Europe Pitching Forum?

Deltakerne til årets Screen Talent Europe Pitching Forum under Kortfilmfestivalen i Grimstad er nå valgt ut. I alt tolv prosjekter og filmskapere skal presentere sine kortfilmprosjekter torsdag 14. juni. Her kan du bli bedre kjent med deltakerne og prosjektene.

Foto: Screen Talent Europe Pitching Forum 2017

Pitchen arrangeres torsdag 14. juni kl. 11 på Grimstad bibliotek, Jernbanebrygga 1.
Meld deg på her.



Peter Bjerre Salling
Peter Bjerre Salling (21) is a Danish aspiring director from Odense. Peter has been making films for many years and he has been involved in different projects at Odense Film Workshop. On daily basis Peter works as a director in the production company Malstrøm. Peter is a creative and visual thinking director, who deeply cares about story, characters and working with others.

”Through thick and thin” is about 22-year-old Mathias, who travels from Denmark to Norway to save the friendship of his best friend Janus, who holds up at a mysterious and cult-like spiritual retreat.


Andrias Høgenni
Andrias Høgenni (29) grew up on the Faroe Islands, where he got his start within filmmaking at the Faroese Film Workshop Klippfisk. He moved to Denmark in 2009, and is currently studying at the alternative Danish film school Super16.

“You or me” tells the story about a young woman who has to choose between her pregnancy and her sanity.



Mia Mullarkey
Mia Mullarkey (32) is a director based in Dublin, Ireland. She owns a production company, Ishka Films Ltd., through which she has directed a number of successful shorts. In February 2018 she received the Discovery Award at Audi Dublin International Film Festival, and consequently she’ll be Filmmaker in Residence with ADIFF and The Digital Hub for 2018.

”Troubled Water” depicts the moment a man struggles to choose between suicide and life. Trapped in a psycho- logical maze of memories and suffering, his unconscious inner monologue bursts forth, disjointed and tormented. Running underneath the turbulent confusion is a fragile glimmer of grace, as John’s thoughts swing between hope and despair.


Lina Csillag
Lina Csillag (22) has made two short films as a writer/director, one of which she also produced. As a philosophy student and enthusiast, she seeks to bridge film and philosophy through creating entertaining visual experiences that tells the right story at the right moment.

“What you see is what you see” is a Sci-Fi set in 2029 that deals with artificial morality. Alan is the first humanoid AI with human-level intelligence, whose mission is to encapsulate human morale, while at the same time pass as human. Alan’s troubles begin when he goes on a date with a girl and has to balance being a good “man” with avoiding to reveal his “true nature” by lying.


Sive Hamilton
Sive Hamilton Helle (28) is a film artist from Norway and will study MFA in Film at Valand Academy this fall. She was a participant at The Reykjavik International Film Festival’s Talent Lab and Werner Herzog’s Rouge Film School. Her work has been showed at The Window Gallery, Black Box, Tou Scene, Fossekleiva Arts Centre and Yokai Soho Gallery among others.

This hybrid film about a woman’s pilgrimage to Lanzarote’s largest volcano, addresses cultural loss and a fading connection to the natural world, in time of globalization and environmental crisis.


Lisa Svelmøe
Lisa Svelmøe (29) has a degree in digital filmmaking from London SAE Institute and in directing from the alternative Danish film school 18Frames. She has been occupied with film for the past 10 years and has made quite a few short films of her own. She loves every step of making a film and she always has something she wants to learn and work with in a new project.

”Ouverture” is about Stinna, who works as a private stripper. One day she ends up at the wrong house and gets mixed up for a palliative caretaker. Despite resistance, it turns out to be a life changing experience for her.


Alexi Carpentieri
Alexi Carpentieri (26) just grad- uated from his bachelor in Film Composition at Valand Academy. His projects often concern themes like LGBTQ, origin and class.

”Tjena Tjabo” tells the story of an encounter between a Roma teenage guy and a Roma middle- aged man. They have both lost something in life and their meeting will become more important than they could ever have imagined.


Sabina Zupanc
Sabina Zupanc (30) started out writing for theatre and film at Biskops Arnö ́s screenwriting education. She now works as a writer with the producer Rodrigo Villalobos at Copenhagen Bombay on ”The Love Child”, and producer Molly Sjöwall Björkman on her humor series ”Genital Genious”. Sabina is a part of Transit Kulturinkubator, a network supporting filmmakers in their independence.

The baby Meta lives a wonderful life in the red, warm and secure realm of her mother’s womb. On the outside, Meta’s older brother Knut, 4, becomes aware of the sibling arrival. The baby in his mother’s belly absorbs more and more of her attention. Knut is sceptical of the baby and fears mum will disappear from him. Maybe she will forget about him?


Rebecca Kjellmann
Rebecca Wirkola Kjellmann (26) from northern Norway, has studied Film and TV at Westerdals Oslo ACT. Rebecca has written and directed short fiction and documentary series for television as well as commercials, short films and music videos. ”Hunters of Happiness” is an intended co-production between Denmark and Norway, and is set to the waters connecting the two countries.

The film portrays an unhappy and envious man waiting to be sent back to his country of origin. After winning a Facebook-competition with free access to an all-inclusive trip with the Danish-Norwegian cruise line, his attitude changes, as he begins to see that people onboard aren’t all that happy.


Kerren Lumer-Klabbers
Kerren Lumer-Klabbers (26) is a Danish director, now studying fiction-directing at the Norwegian Film School in Lillehammer. Kerren has directed a number of award winning short films and recently won the award for Excellence in woman filmmaking at the European Independent film festival in Paris. Her latest film “A stone Falls Slowly” is screening at this year ́s Norwegian short film competition program in Grimstad.

How does it affect us when we believe that something fake is real? And how does an actor cope with evoking real feelings in a fake setting? We are surrounded by fake news, fake realities and staging all the time and we are swallowing everything without much hesitation.


Mikael Bundsen
Mikael Bundsen (28) has a BA in film directing from Akademin Valand and is studying screen- writing at Alma Manusutbildning. His short ”Mother Knows Best” premiered at the 66th Berlinale where it was nominated for the Crystal Bear and the Teddy award. It won the Iris Prize – the world ́s largest LGBT short film prize and screened at Palm Springs, Thessaloniki and Sydney Film Festival.

A married, out and proud high school teacher in Wales finds himself in a personal and political dilemma when asked by his sister to deny the existence of his husband and daughter during her wedding. ”The Involuntary Activist” shows how those who don ́t fit the norm are constantly faced with the decision of acting in defiance or simply conforming.


Christina Øster
Christina Øster (28) is a Danish screenwriter based i Copenhagen. She has a bachelor in film studies and is now a part of the alternative film school, Super16. She has been working at DR Drama, Nordisk Film, TV2 and Meta Film.

A psychological drama that depicts the dilemmas and choices of women in their fertile years. Should you have children? What are the consequences of having or not having a child? How does it affect your friendships?

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