Here are the pitching participants!

This is the sixth year in a row, Screen Talent Europe Pitching Forum will be held during the Norwegian Short Film Festival! Learn more about the participants and their short film projects here

Eleven emerging producers, directors and screenwriters are invited to present their projects to an external jury and an online audience. The best pitch will receive a production grant of 4000 EUR!

Host for the day is actor and director Vilde Moberg. The jury consist of director and last year’s winner Zamarin Wahdat, Maria Stoianova from Nordisk Panorama, and finnish producer Marja Pihlaja.

You can follow the pitch online June 10th from 11.00 – 13.00 CEST via this link:
Passord: K17Hj9





Daniel Butler (32) Ireland
Daniel Butler is an Irish-speaking filmmaker from the Donegal Gaeltacht who has won multiple awards for his films, including the Lumi Award at last year`s Belfast Film Festival for his RTÈ/Filmbase short film «Leave the road behind you» and Best New Director at the Kinesale Shark Awards 2019 for his music video for Irish language rappers KNEECAP. Most recently he was nominated Best Director at the Richard Harris International FF for his supernatural drama «Afterlife», which is currently touring festivals.

«An adult changeling battles calls from her people to return to her own realm»

Tania Notaro (32) Ireland
Tania Notaro is a screenwriter from Dublin. She has a masters degree in screenwriting for film and tv from The National Film School, IADT and Warner Brothers offered her a scholarship to do so. This year she was inaugurated into the Warner Brothers creative talent teams as a one to watch. Her first short film «Boxed» won her a scholarship to study under legendary director John Boorman at the Irish Film School in 2019 making her the first female writer to win this award. She is hoping to make socially concious films from a female perspective which she believes is greatly needed.

«A young woman from the travelling community explores her sexuality for the first time which leaves her family disconcerned. Will her community accept her new way of living?»


Luka Kluskens (22) The Netherlands
Luka is a dutch actress and filmmaker. This year she will be graduating from The Academy of Dramatic Arts in Maastricht. Luka has appeared in a number of theater productions and short films. She recently wrapped shooting «Into a wider world», a film by Joos Gommans, in which she plays the leading role. Besides her work as an actress, she also works as a writes, photographer and filmmaker. Among other things she won best Film pitch award 2021 during the Eurogion Film Festival in Limburg, The Netherlands with the project «Als een schaduw bleef je mij bewaard» (The great appeal of the cherry blossom). This will be her first short film, written and directed by herself.

«The dreamy Juul has maintained together with her mother the family business in the cherry orchards her entire life. As cherry picking season draws to a close, the longing for a different life creeps up and begins to gnaaw at Juuul. When Juul is actually transported into a daydream in which she is a world-renowned opera singer, for a brief moment in time she lives the past she never got to live.»


Vilde Stokke (28) Norway
Vilde grew up on an island on the west coast of Norway, always involved in some sort of project connected to the theatre, music or dance. She spent some years at the university studying language and litterature before she started working as an actress. These days  she`s spending most of her time writing stories in shape of scripts, hoping to be able to bring them to life through film.

«Clock is ticking. A young man and his girlfriend is waiting for the phone call that will tell them the truth about the spot found on a CT scan.»

Håkon Anton Olavsen and Sunniva Kviteberg
Håkon Anton Olavsen (28) is a second year directing student at The National Norwegian Film School. He has directed several documentary and fiction short film that have screened at multiple festivals.

Sunniva Kviteberg (26) is a writer from Norway. Currently she is at her second year attending the screenwriting program at The National Norwegian Film School. She has contributed to several comedy stage productions in Oslo and in her hometown, Tromsø.

«Two young girls making a video for a YouTube-vlog are possessed by evil teenage powers, as they discover that in the transition from childhood to adolescence it`s kill or be killed.»


Kaan Orgunmat (33) Sweden
Kaan is a screenwriter and a director who wants to explore and push boundaries of audiovisual storytelling and hopefully reach out, inspire and challenge others on an emotional and intellectual plan. Kaan studied film in Sweden and is currently working as a freelancer in the city of Malmö, while re-editing his manuscripts over and over again.

«The wake up chirp» is a mysterious drama about Carl, a ten year old boy who is stuck at his authoritarian grandfathers summerhouse, where he accidentally discovers that the crickets around the house communicates with him in morse code. As the boy figures out their code, he embarks on an unexpected journey of self discovery and strenghtens his relationship with his struggeling mother with the help of the crickets»


Jahfar Muataz and Alexander Nielsen, Denmark
Jahfar Muataz (29) is a director who moved to Copenhagen when he was one year old. In his teenage years he moved back to Iraq during the war for two years. Here he witnessed things that played a big part in shaping him as a person and as a film director. Jahfar is facinated by the psychological part of the human and particular in stories that are hidden behind the curtains, that no one «dares» to address. He has directed a number of music videos and short films. Currently he is working on his tv-series with the «DR» and his first feature film with Hyænefilm.

Alexander Nielsen (28) is a danish film producer moving into the universe of art film focusing on fiction as the primary driver. Alexander defines himself as a creative producer who is also involved in the artistic prosess. Alexander was introduced tothe film business through Zentropa`s training program. Alexander is now a part of the alternative prestigious film school Super16 and working as a producer at the Danish production company Pegasus productions.

«What does it mean to belong?»


Isabel Bilde (29) Denmark
Isabel Bilde is a documentary film director from Aarhus, Denmark. She holds a degree in literature studies/Minor philosophy from Aarhus University. Isabel has made a string of documentaries that among others take place in Palestine and asylum centres. She recently finished her first feature documentary «The way we fall». People`s encounters and relationships are the motivators of her films. Themes of love and closeness which  shows the characters at their most emotional state is her main interest.

«The body of a football player is a film about a man challenged by a chronic disease (dystonia). It tells the story of fighting for your health and your dreams, while overcoming the challenge of mistrust and finding love and political justice.»


SaraKlara Hellström & Lova Lilliemarck, Sweden
SaraKlara Hellstöm (28) is a script writer and director from Skellefteå, Sweden. She graduated scriptwriting at Alma Löv 2021 and dramatics at Biskops Arnö 2018. SaraKlara has also studied a supplementary course in film directing at Stockholm University of The Arts. She Lives in Stockholm and together with Lova Lilliemarck and through Verket production, she is developing her first feature film.

Lova Lilliemarck (32) is a producer from Falun, Sweden. In 2018 she graduated from Stokholm  University  of The Arts where she studied film production. Lova also has a bachelors degree in film studies. She has experience in both drama and commercial productions. She lives in Stockholm, and together with SaraKlara Hellström and Verket Productions she is developing her first feature film.

«Räkan and Fabbe are bros for life. But when Räkan is forced to join a «girls party» with Fabbe, he suddely feels alienated from the group. Fabbe dissappears with his girlfriend, and Räkan becomes aware of the exclusion he`s so often has sensed but never really been confronted with. Not until now.»


Jasmijn Kooijman and Jimm Garbis, Sweden
Jasmijn Kooijman (23) was raised in Amsterdam and moved to Sweden in 2015. She debuted with her short documentary «My new home is a trailer» (GFF 2018) that won The Tempo New Doc Award. Since then, she has been working on a feature documentary as well as doing shorter fiction and experimental films.

Jimm Garbis (28) is a newly graduated film producer from Stockholm University of The Arts who has experience both in commercial and drama projects. Together with producing partner Hawa Sanneh they develop high-end short films in all genres and expression forms, often targeted towards a broad international audience.

«The beloved mother soils is an animated stop-motion film. The premise revolves aroundthe people who affect swedish migration politics as well as the affected. Fragmentary sequences told in a miniature world made by clay gives the viewer insight into the everyday life of the people dealing with these issues».


Lynn-Oona Baur (33) Germany
Lynn-Oona Baur is a director and screenwriter from Hamburg with a master`s degree in filmmaking from Hamburg Media School. She has directed many short films and music videos which have been screened at noumerous national and international film festivals. In 2018 she won the Audience  Award at the Kyoto International Film & Video Festival with the project «Little Red Riding Hood». Currently Lynn Oona is working on her feature film debut, and is a scholarship holder of the artist program at Claussen-Simon-Foundation.

«When Dr. George Henzels`s regular sign language interpreter has to cancel one of his lecturen on the hearing behavoiur of the «seychelles frog» due to a car accident, the misanthropic, deaf professor has to get along with the lively interpreter Mira. Over the course of a turbulent congress weekend in Oslo, the two fight each other, tease each other and finally loose their lonely hearts to each other. Hearing frogs and lonely hearts – a classic romantic comedy in sign language.


Maria Stoianova
Maria has been Market Manager of Nordisk Panorama since 2017 heading the film market events and vast film catalogue. She started with the festival already in 2012 and held various roles in both the festival and market. She has also worked with film production for over 15 years in various roles and hold an MA in Film and Media Production from Lund Univesity and vocational training from Alma Manusutbildning.

Marja Pihlaja
Is a producer based in Helsinki, Finland. She holds a Master of Arts degree in film producing from Aalto University Helsinki. Marja has produced several short films that have screened at festivals like Visions du Rèel, Karlovy Vary, Hot Docs, Aspen Shortsfest and Nordisk Panorama, among many others. Since 2018 she has been working at Tekele Productions. Marja is both Berlinale Talents and Nordic Talents alumni, and she was selected to EAVE Producers workshop 2021. She also on the board of Tampere Film Festival.

Zamarin Wahadat
Is an Afghan/German filmmaker, whose work is base don subtle and intimate storytelling with a fascination for youth and magical realism. Her work as a cinematographer has been screened at Sundance, Berlinale and Tribeca. Last years he recieved an Academy Award for the short documentary «Learning how to skate in a warzone» (if you`re a girl) , where she worked as an additional cinematographer and interviewer. Zamarin is also the last years winner of the Screen Talent Europe Pitching Forum.


Vilde Moberg
Vilde is an actor and scriptwriter. She has a degree from Teaterhögskolan i Luleå i Sverige. After she graduated, she has participated in a number of stageplays and tv-productions both in Nprway and Sweden, amongst them «Beck», «Vår tid är nu» (SVT), and she has had leading roles in «Kirsebærhagen» og «Spellemann på taket» (Smålands music and theater). Her first short as a screenwriter and director «Sunlit Nights» was screened at the prestigious filmfestival Outfest Los Angeles, and her latest short “Eksponert” is premiering on this year’s shortfilm festival.

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